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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Men If You'd Like To Give That Special Woman In Your Life A Pink Diamond Engagement Ring But You Can't Afford One Then Give Her A Quality "Lab Created" Pink Sapphire Instead

Men if you'd like to give that special woman in your life a "PINK DIAMOND" but you may not be able to afford one. Then I will tell you to consider a A QUALITY "LAB CREATED" PINK SAPPHIRE instead. Due to the intense color of pink you'd get from a "LAB CREATED" PINK SAPPHIRE when you see it in person.

I have access to QUALITY "LAB CREATED" PINK SAPPHIRES.  Sapphires in general are very durable gems rating at a 9 on on the mohs hardness scale while a natural diamond is rated at a 10.

Pink sapphires are a perfect gem to replace a natural pink diamond in a diamond engagement ring, because they are fiery and brilliant gemstones that will give you a lot of shine and sparkle, once you see one set into that chosen diamond engagement ring setting.

Should you be interested in considering a QUALITY "LAB CREATED" PINK SAPPHIRE for your diamond engagement ring, instead of a natural pink diamond feel free to contact me "James The Jeweler" by email at: jamesthejeweler@yahoo.com or by phone at 404-447-5459.

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