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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Due To Emails From Some Of My Loyal Readers Concerning Making A Much More Affordable Diamond Engagement Ring

Everyone I have gotten many emails from men and a few women who have asked me, is there any way that I can put together a much more affordable, but "QUALITY DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RING" for them? And my answer is YES!

I will begin by informing everyone who may be taking your time to read my blog post here, is that when you say you want "QUALITY" your idea of this word may be much different than someone else's idea of it. But my idea of the word means that you should put much more of your money into the "DIAMOND CENTER STONE" rather than into the precious metal that your diamond is sitting in.

What I will begin doing everyone is taking solitaire "STERLING SILVER" engagement ring settings, and have "ONLY CERTIFIED DIAMONDS" set into them. I will also be taking solitaire "STERLING SILVER" bands with "PLATINUM OR PALLADIUM" heads to hold "ONLY CERTIFIED DIAMONDS" in them for you to purchase "BASED UPON YOUR OWN PRE-SET BUDGET."

I will only be using diamonds that are "COLORLESS" and are of high clarity such as "INTERNALLY FLAWLESS TO VS-2 CLARITY" and my diamonds will have "NO FLUORESCENCE" in them at all. Because I feel that if you truly want a "QUALITY" solitaire diamond, then you should only use true "QUALITY" diamonds that are "CERTIFIED."

Men should you be looking for a diamond engagement ring, or even a diamond pendant to give that special lady in your life and you want a "VERY HIGH QUALITY" diamond to give her based upon your own budget, feel free to email or give me "James The Jeweler" a call:

My email address: jamesthejeweler@yahoo.com

My direct contact phone number: 404-447-5459

Purchase This Beautiful Diamond Engagement Ring Mounting Here

Men if you're looking to get engaged and you'd like to purchase a very mice diamond engagement ring semi-mount, then look no further than this beautiful .12 carat total weight diamond engagement ring semi-mount set in 14kt white gold that is a size 7.

The diamond quality in this diamond engagement ring semi-mount is G-H color, SI1 to SI2 clarity and the 3/4 carat round diamond center stone "IS NOT INCLUDED" but I can provide one for you should you like to purchase one from me.

I have posted 2 photos below for you to see just the diamond engagement ring semi-mount without the 3/4 carat round diamond center stone. And I posted a photo of the diamond engagement ring complete with the 3/4 carat round diamond center stone, for you to get a much better idea of what it looks like.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: That you can also have either a 3/4 carat round "Moissanite" jewel or even a "GENUINE DIAMOND COATED CZ" set in the center of this diamond engagement ring semi-mount as well, and if you'd like to purchase either of these stones, just let me know and I can get either of them for you.

I use PAYPAL to accept all of my online jewelry payments for me, so if you'd like to purchase this diamond engagement ring semi-mount without the 3/4 carat round diamond center stone, and you have a PAYPAL account as well. Just send your payment to me by logging into your PAYPAL account, then click onto "SEND MONEY" then enter my PAYPAL email address: jamesthejeweler@yahoo.com and in your SUBJECT put in "PAYMENT FOR DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RING SEMI-MOUNT."


The cost of my diamond engagement ring semi-mount is $580.00 and you can also put it on my "NO FEE LAY-AWAY PLAN" with a deposit of $100.00 then you can make either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payments on it that fits your budget until you've paid for it.

Should you want to talk with me "James The Jeweler" by phone feel free to give me a call at 404-447-5459.