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Saturday, December 15, 2018

In Memory Of You The Legendary Ms. Nancy Wilson May You Forever Rest In Jazz Heaven

Ms. Nancy Wilson I want to say that I never got the opportunity to meet you. But one thing's for certain, your music has helped me through many decision making situations in my own life.

There's one song of your own, that I want to dedicate to you. That I listened too often, after the passing of my own mother in 2008.

Within your own song, you stated the following: "And all I want this world to remember when i'm gone. I was a lady with a song!"

To you Ms. Nancy Wilson, you were a "Lady With Many Great Songs" and I appreciate them all!

Ms. Nancy Wilson, may you forever rest in Jazz music heaven!

Everyone please listen to the beautiful song "A Lady With A Song" here: Ms. Nancy Wilson's "A Lady With A Song"