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Saturday, July 23, 2011

I'm Remembering Caylee Anthony With A Genuine Diamond Photo Of Her That I Would Like To Donate

Everyone i'm sure you've heard and viewed the Caylee Anthony trial, and by now I see many of you are very upset and hurt by the verdict in the case concerning her mother. Well I wanted to weigh in on the sad story by bringing a little light onto the late Caylee Anthony, by adorning one of her beautiful photos with a loose genuine diamond earring.

I am looking to donate this beautiful genuine diamond photo of the late Caylee Anthony to an organization who deals with missing and murdered children, and if they use this photo as a fund-raiser that's fine with me as long as all of the proceeds go to that organization to continue their work within the community at large.

Let me state that I as a real online Atlanta jeweler, take what I do as a jeweler very seriously, and I love donating my jewelry and gemstone artwork to charity or to anything that's going to make a difference in the lives of others. I will not give my opinion of the late Caylee Anthony's mother, though I do have one, but I am going to respect the juries verdict in her case.

If anyone would like a photo of the late Caylee Anthony adorned with a loose genuine diamond feel free to contact me, and I will also be using loose Moissanite gemstones, as well as high quality cubic zirconia stones for those who may not want or have the budget to purchase the late Caylee Anthony's photo adorned with a loose genuine diamond.

For those of you who purchase one of these photos, i'd like to donate a percentage of your purchase to the organization of your choice, so if you would like a photo of the late Caylee Anthony adorned with a loose diamond, Moissanite, or high quality cubic zirconia, please let me know what organization you'd like for me to make a donation to in your name.

I will also be sending "PROOF OF DONATION" emails to everyone who purchases a gem studded photo of the late Caylee Anthony for your own records.

The 8 X 10 color photo you see here that I intend to donate to a worthy organization is $185.00 and the diamond is a .10 carat G - color, VS - clarity round diamond that is very well cut. If you'd like a photo of the late Caylee Anthony adorned with a .10 carat loose Moissanite jewel your cost would be $95.00 and for a photo of the late Caylee Anthony adorned with a high quality cubic zirconia stone, your cost would be $60.00 and all photos will come to you framed. I can also do much larger photos of the late Caylee Anthony for you upon your request, and I can also adorn her photo with any other gemstone you'd like to have her photo adorned with upon your request.

Lastly if you have a loved one whether they may be alive or deceased, that you'd like to have adorned with a genuine or synthetic gemstone and picture framed feel free to let me know, and I will adorn your loved one's photo for you, also I will donate in your name to any organization of your choice a percentage of the sale of your photo to that organization, along with sending you a "PROOF OF DONATION" email for your records so that you may verify my donation in your name.

To contact me directly all of my contact information is below, and I thank you for taking the time to visit my educational jewelry blog to see what i've done in honor of the late Caylee Anthony.

Contact James The Jeweler:

Phone: 404-447-5459

Direct Email Address: jamesthejeweler@hotmail.com 

To see these photos even better just click onto them and they will enlarge for you. I am also accepting comments and suggestions as to what organization I should donate my genuine diamond photo to, so feel free to leave your comments and suggestions for me.