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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Men If You'd Like To Give That Special Woman In Your Life A Heart Shape Diamond In A Natural Fancy Color I Can Help You

Men if you'd like to give that special woman in your life a 100% Natural Fancy Intense Yellow Heart Shape Diamond I can help you with this. In my opinion "HEART SHAPE" diamonds are the true shape of diamond that says to a woman "I LOVE YOU" for sure.

If the diamond below is not for you, and you're looking for your own "NATURAL COLORED HEART SHAPE DIAMOND" just let me know what COLOR and CARAT WEIGHT of diamond you're interested in purchasing, along with your budget then I can let you know if i'll be able to get you that heart shape diamond you want for your budget or not. I can get you a "WHITE HEART SHAPE DIAMOND" as well based upon the carat weight you want, and depending upon your budget.

Below is a 2.04 carat total weight Fancy Intense Yellow Heart Shape Diamond with an SI-2 clarity grade that is GIA certified.

Should you like to purchase this diamond, you can contact me "James The Jeweler" by email at: jamesthejeweler@yahoo.com and by phone at 404-447-5459. I will also allow you to put this diamond on my "NO FEE LAY-AWAY PLAN" with a $8000.00 deposit. Then you can make either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payments on it that fits your budget, until you've paid for it.

The cost of this beautiful "HEART SHAPE" diamond is: $18,875.00