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Thursday, October 25, 2012

When You're Looking For "Natural Colored" Blue Diamonds Talk To Me

Everyone if you've never seen a 100% Natural Blue Diamond it is a true site to see on every level. Natural Blue Diamonds are among the rarest colored diamonds on earth.These diamonds range in colors from a pastel "baby blue" color to a rich "royal blue" color.

This color of this diamond sometimes contains secondary colors of gray or green as well. Typically the stronger the color in a blue diamond the rarer and more valuable the diamond becomes. Should you be interested in investing in a "100% Natural Blue Diamond" feel free to contact me to let me know what carat weight of diamond you're interested in purchasing, then I will see what I have available for you at that time.

Let me also state that  I sell other colors in natural colored diamonds as well, including the most rare and valuable "RED DIAMOND." All of my natural colored diamonds that I sell will come with a "GIA CERTIFICATE" to verify to you that they are 100% Natural in their color.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: I do have a few much smaller carat weight 100% NATURAL blue diamonds that are "GIA" certified available that are under and up to $10,000 as well. So if you're interested in investing in true "RARITY" when it comes to natural colored diamonds feel free to contact me.

Feel free to contact me "James The Jeweler" should you like to talk with me about purchasing a natural blue diamond, or any other natural colored diamond by email at: jamesthejeweler@yahoo.com and by phone at 404-447-5459.

Below is a .80 carat total weight 100 % Natural Fancy Blue Pear Shape Diamond with a VVS1 clarity rating and it is "GIA" certified.

The cost of this diamond is: $137,000

The .73 carat total weight 100% Natural Fancy Deep Blue Radiant Cut Diamond below has a VS2 clarity rating and is "GIA" certified.

The cost of this diamond is: $132,000

Below is a very unique and beautiful 1.63 carat Fancy Grayish Blue Marquise Cut Diamond that is "GIA" certified and is surrounded by natural fancy pink diamonds.

The cost of this beautiful diamond ring is: $230,000