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Sunday, July 14, 2013

In Memory Of Trayvon Martin Despite The Verdict

Everyone let me begin by saying that I will NOT spew HATE nor VIOLENCE on my blog post. Concerning the late Trayvon Martin and what happened to him, because that's not the type of man I am.

I want everyone to know that I created this blog post for the online community to come here and give your own OPINIONS of the Trayvon Martin case, as well as the VERDICT in the end.

Everyone I want all of you to use the Trayvon Martin case and verdict as a learning tool in your own lives. Because ALL of us can become the next Trayvon Martin REGARDLESS OUR AGE AND RACE. If we don't arm ourselves with learning the STAND YOUR GROUND LAW, the CASTLE LAW, and any laws within your own state similar to these 2 SELF DEFENSE laws I mentioned. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

In my own OPINION what happed to the late Trayvon Martin SHOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED. But yet it did, and now the question that needs to be asked of your STATE LAW MAKERS is. How can these laws be changed in favor of a much better outcome? When it comes to an ARMED citizen ALLEGING their life is in danger. When in fact that ARMED citizen may be the person who created the ALLEGED LIFE THREATENING altercation in the first place.

In closing everyone, though my blog is an educational jewelry blog. I will sometimes post blogs on community issues that affect me here, and those I love as well. Feel free to post your own comments and views below.

For those of you who feel RACE is ALWAYS the common denominator in cases such as this? I want you to click onto this link below to find out that everyone in this recent STAND YOUR GROUND case was WHITE.

Read this VERY INTERESTING recent STAND YOUR GROUND case below:


Here's the video below of Texas resident Raul Rodriguez taking the LAW into his own hands. That got him a cool 40 YEARS in prison for doing so.

Rest in peace Trayvon Martin i'm sure your father Tracy Martin and your mother Sybrina Fulton will continue fighting for your JUSTICE!