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Sunday, October 6, 2013

In Honor Of Breast Cancer Awareness I Dedicate This Genuine Diamond Pink Ribbon To The Cause

Everyone we all have known someone who's dealt with breast cancer. And some of us have lost a very dear friend, or family member to breast cancer.

I want to post this GENUINE .50 carat total weight D color, VVS2 clarity round diamond BREAST CANCER AWARENESS PINK RIBBON for the month of October and after.

To all WOMEN of all RACES please get your breast exams and check-ups. You have far too many people who love you for the vibrant women you are to them. They don't want to lose you to breast cancer!

I Dedicate This Blog Post To Ray J Because I Think He's A Truly Dynamic Individual Who Continues Growing In The Entertainment Industry

Everyone I would like for you to know that I dedicate this blog post to Ray J because I think he's a truly dynamic individual who continues growing in the entertainment industry. I have a lot of respect for any young man or woman who can work hard, to reach their goals in life. And no matter what Ray J has faced NEGATIVELY he's ALWAYS seemed to bounce back without missing a beat!

Everyone I have taken a color photo of Ray J and i've adorned his right ear with a GENUINE D color, VVS2 clarity .25 carat round diamond, that is GIA certified as well. The cost of this loose HIGH QUALITY diamond is $1450.00 and it is loose set in his ear in the photo of Ray J. My diamond is attached so that it will not fall out, then I will picture frame it to hang on the wall.

Here's an up close photo of my GENUINE D color, VVS2 clarity .25 carat round diamond that is GIA certified for everyone to see. That I have adorned Ray J's color photo with before I picture frame it to hang on the wall.

I want Ray J to see a photo of himself that not even he owns, because I think a young man such as Ray J needs to see a photo of himself no one has, nor could ever imagine possible being done of himself.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: I will NOT be selling this photo of Ray J to anyone no matter who you are. Regardless of whether you're related to him or not. I will only sell this GENUINE DIAMOND PHOTO of Ray J to Ray J himself.

Should Ray J like to contact me James The Jeweler directly he can by email at: jamesthejeweler@yahoo.com or by phone at 404-447-5459.

Below is PHOTO #1 of Ray J without my genuine diamond in his ear:

Below is PHOTO #2 of Ray J with my genuine diamond set in his ear:

Below is my YOUTUBE VIDEO of Ray J wearing my genuine diamond in his ear: