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Friday, September 30, 2011

Wear A Palladium Or Platinum Solitaire Engagement Ring Mounting

Men if you're looking for a strong, durable setting for that special stone you would like to give to the woman in your life, then look no further than either "PALLADIUM" or "PLATINUM" to make your ring complete.

Palladium costs much less than Platinum but it gives you all of the benefits of Platinum minus the cost of Platinum. Palladium is a member of the "Platinum Family" and it weighs much less than Platinum. Honestly speaking "GOLD" is fine, but it can't compare nor compete with either "PALLADIUM" nor "PLATINUM" when it comes to strength and durability. These 2 precious metals are much rarer and purer than "GOLD" also.

For your own knowledge both of these precious metals are "HYPO-ALLERGENIC" and do not tarnish, so if the woman in your life is allergic to metals in gold settings, she will not have any problems with either Palladium or Platinum being worn on her finger. These precious metals also "DO NOT NEED RHODIUM PLATING" like 14kt or 18kt white gold does in order to remain white over time.

Though i'm selling the ring mounting for the special stone you may have, if you don't have that special Moissanite or diamond let me know and I can also get you the center stone you may want as well, based upon your budget.

I will not post the prices of either my "Palladium" or "Platinum" ring mountings here, but if you're interested in purchasing this ring mounting feel free to contact me "James The Jeweler" at 404-447-5459 to let me know what carat weight of round stone you may have and what precious metal you're interested in purchasing for it to be set in. Then I will be able to quote you a price for the ring mounting that will fit the center stone you may have, or be looking for.

I have these ring mountings in a finger size of 7 but I can get you any finger size you may be looking for, just let me know your finger size when you contact me. I can also get you the matching wedding band for these ring mountings if you're looking to purchase this ring mounting as a set.

I have this engagement ring in a 6 PRONG setting below in both Palladium and in Platinum for those of you who want this settng in a 6 PRONG engagement ring.