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Saturday, April 8, 2017

This Post Is For The Man Who Wants An Extravagant Men's Diamond Wedding Band

Men if you'd like to wear an "EXTRAVAGANT" men's diamond wedding band. I want you to take the time to check out this beautifully designed men's diamond eternity band below.

This men's diamond eternity band comes in both 14kt white gold and 14kt yellow gold. This men's diamond eternity band comes in a total diamond carat weight from 3.00 carats total weight. All the way up to a whopping "6 CARAT TOTAL WEIGHT" diamond eternity band.

Should you be interested in purchasing one of these beautiful and "EXTRAVAGANT" men's diamond eternity bands. Feel free to contact me James The Jeweler by email at: jamesthejeweler@yahoo.com or by phone at 404-447-5459.

Men I would like to ask that you let me know what ring finger size you wear, And you'd like to purchase from me, upon your inquiry to me. Let me know what color of gold you'd like to purchase from me as well.

Just to give you an idea of the total diamond carat weights this men's diamond eternity band comes in. I will post them below for your knowledge, so that you could let me know what total diamond carat weight you'd like to purchase from me.

I have available the following total diamond carat weights: 3.00 carats, 3.15 carats, 3.25 carats, 3.50 carats, 5.40 carats, 5.50 carats, 5.75 carats, and 6 carats.