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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Everyone If You're In Need Of An "HONEST" Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney Let Me Suggest To You Mark J. Issa

Everyone I don't know if you have a very good criminal defense attorney or not, but I would like to tell you about a very good one in the Atlanta, GA area, and his name is Mark J. Issa.

Mark J. Issa represented a very good friend of mines. Her boyfriend had been arrested for a past crime. She contacted me to ask me if I knew a really good criminal defense attorney, and I did but I never had Mark J. Issa represent me because I try to stay on the good side of the law! LOL! But anyway I referred Mark J. Issa to her, for her boyfriend's criminal defense attorney, and she did contact Mark J. Issa for his legal representation.

After she and Mark J. Issa met and he represented my good friend's boyfriend to resolve his past case she was very pleased with his legal representation, and so was her boyfriend.

Should anyone be in need of a very good and "HONEST" criminal defense attorney, I recommend Mark J. Issa because he's worth my recommendation and once you allow him to represent you I do feel you'll be saying the very same thing.

Contact: Criminal defense attorney Mark J. Issa at 404-968-2600

Visit Mark J. Issa's business website at this link: http://theissalawfirm.com/