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Saturday, January 10, 2009


Everyone if you'd like to own the big diamonds but you don't have the budget for them, then don't you worry? there's a jewel called "MOISSANITE" that is the best diamond simulant in the world.

"MOISSANITE" has twice the fire of a natural diamond, & it does everything a natural diamond can do but better! "MOISSANITE" will "TEST AS A NATURAL DIAMOND THOUGH IT'S NOT ONE" so I will ask that if you purchase this jewel "PLEASE DO NOT SELL THIS JEWEL AS A NATURAL DIAMOND, YOU CAN BE PROSECUTED FOR THIS OFFENSE".

I sell "MOISSANITE" at my webstore: http://jamesunder900.ecrater.com/

Alot of JEWELERS don't want to sell MOISSANITE because they feel it would kill their diamond sells, or should I say THEY CAN'T JACK UP THE PRICE OF MOISSANITE THE WAY THEY DO THEIR "CERTIFIED" & "UNCERTIFIED" DIAMONDS. Well James The Jeweler sells MOISSANITE and I will continue to do so, because JEWELRY CUSTOMERS need an AFFORDABLE ALTERNATIVE to diamonds, and now they have it in MOISSANITE.

As far as pricing & the quality of "MOISSANITE" this jewel is: I - J color, VS clarity and if you were to purchase a 1ct natural diamond within this quality you'd be looking to spend between $3600 - $4700 but for a 1ct "MOISSANITE" it retails for $807 & I sell a 1ct "MOISSANITE" at my webstore for: $470

To learn more about "MOISSANITE" feel free to visit: http://www.whatismoissanite.com/

I've attached a photo of a 3ct "MOISSANITE" & natural diamond ring set in "PLATINUM" to this blog for you to see the beauty of this jewel, & the center stone is the 3ct "MOISSANITE" surrounded by natural diamonds. I ask that you click onto the photo also to get a more upclose view of the "MOISSANITE" center stone as well.

Men if you want the fire and sparkle of the best diamonds but you may or may not have the budget to purchase them, buy yourself 2 "MOISSANITE" jewels and wear them as earrings, I "GUARANTEE" you that when you see "MOISSANITE" in person, you'll have a very hard time buying diamonds again!

UPDATE TO THIS MOISSANITE BLOG POST AS OF 9-26-2012: If you're interested in purchasing the new and improve Moissanite jewel called "FOREVER BRILLIANT" I now sell it in many shapes but I am currently selling it in the more popular shape "ROUND" and the quality of this much improved Moissanite jewel is "H-color, VVS1 clarity."