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Monday, May 2, 2011


Abazias is a firm that is the forerunner of a whole new revolution in the industry of diamonds. In fact, the organization is widely known to be the first ever public company in the world to sell loose diamonds straight to the public. The reason why this is regarded as a revolution in the diamond industry is simply that the cost of a diamond bought from a wholesaler like Abazias is significantly lower than the cost of the same diamond bought from a retailer. The diamonds are sold by Abazias to the public via the groundbreaking medium of internet at prices that are as low as half the retail price of the same diamond.

In terms of reliability, Abazias comes through because it has been a listed company ever since 2003. The company itself is over seven years old and has headquarters in the city of Gainesville in Florida. Moreover, the return rate since the company’s inception is only a meager four percent which reveals the satisfaction of people who purchase from it. Owing to its infallible and reliable credentials combined with its competitive costs, Abazias is the leading entity in the low cost loose diamonds industry on the internet. Most notably, the company has posted a consistent 50 percent growth rate in terms of a year on year analysis since its inception.

Even the kind of variety that the firm’s website provides to a general user is staggering. For example, the firm has the largest online database of over 150,000 certified diamonds up for immediate sale. The total wholesale value of all these diamonds is even more astonishing in that it amounts to one billion dollars. In addition to this, the firm boasts of over 300 proprietary rings which is significant when compared to its competitors. Abazias also has its own registered and exclusive line of Couples Diamond. This line has the distinction of having the Super Ideal Cut status which is something only 10 percent of diamonds in the world qualify for. One of the highlights of the company’s operations on the internet is that it offers a ‘design your own ring’ module which is far more sophisticated than its competitors.