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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Check Out This Diamond Coated CZ Stone Set In A Genuine Diamond Setting

Everyone especially you lovely ladies who want a large diamond solitaire stone in your engagement ring. I'd like for you to see this "GENUINE DIAMOND COATED CZ STONE" set in a genuine diamond and 14kt white gold setting.

The center stone is a 4 carat round cubic zirconia that is "PERMANENTLY COATED IN GENUINE DIAMOND" and it is "IDEAL CUT" to give you all of the fire and brilliance you'd expect from a natural mined diamond from the ground. The cost of my beautiful 4 carat diamond coated cubic zirconia stone is $250.00 without the setting.

The ring has 1.44 carats of natural diamonds that are G-H color, SI1 to SI2 clarity. So ladies when you're on a budget and you'd like to wear a large natural diamond, but you don't have the money for one, look no further than this incredible stone that is like no other cubic zirconia on the market today.

I feel that you can always save your money to buy yourself that large natural diamond one day, but why go into debt now trying to finance one, when you have a stone such as this diamond coated cubic zirconia available?

Should you be interested in purchasing my "GENUINE DIAMOND COATED CZ STONES" for your own engagement ring I have them in many carat weights and shapes. My contact information is below for you to contact me "James The Jeweler."

Phone: 404-447-5459

Email Address: jamesthejeweler@yahoo.com

PLEASE BE ADVISED: This genuine diamond coated cubic zirconia stone has an alloy in it that will prevent it from testing positive as a natural diamond to prevent seller fraud.