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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I Think NBA Player Antawn Jamison Would Love A Genuine Diamond Photo Of Himself

Everyone I am a fan of NBA player Antawn Jamison and as an online personal jeweler, I have the ability to reach the masses by way of the internet. Though I sell jewelry to my many online jewelry clients, i'm also a jewelry designer and jewelry consultant to them as well.

What many of my online clients don't know is that "I CAN ADORN A PHOTO OF YOU WITH A LOOSE GENUINE HIGH QUALITY DIAMOND" as well, so this is what I did to a photo I have of one of my favorite NBA players and that player is Antawn Jamison.

As you see I have posted 3 photos of him where you clearly see his photo has no diamond in his ear, then you see another photo where I adorned his left ear with a "LOOSE GENUINE .50 CARAT, D - COLOR, INTERNALLY FLAWLESS ROUND DIAMOND THAT IS ALSO IGI CERTIFIED" then you see the last photo of an upclose view of the high grade diamond set in his left ear.

Once I set this very high quality diamond into his left ear in my photo, I will frame his photo to hang on the wall.


I would love for Antawn Jamison to see a photo of himself that not even he owns, and i'm sure he's going to be very surprised to see something of himself as unique and "ONE-OF-A-KIND" as this!

DISCLAIMER TO EVERYONE: This photo of Antawn Jamison IS NOT for sale to anyone. Nor will I adorn any photos of him for anyone "WITHOUT ANTAWN JAMISON'S EXPRESSED WRITTEN PERMISSION TO ME IN ADVANCE."