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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Red White And Black Are The Colors Of Football In Georgia And Your Earrings Should Show It Platinum

Again everyone I am going to say that RED, WHITE and BLACK are the colors of football in Georgia. I'm creating a line of "UNISEX" earrings for both men and women to wear and enjoy.

Due to the high cost of NATURAL RUBIES, and HIGH QUALITY WHITE DIAMONDS. Some of you may not be able to afford my earrings. So i've chosen to use HIGH QUALITY LAB CREATED RUBIES, and HIGH QUALITY CUBIC ZIRCONIA GEMS instead.

You're looking at a 5 millimeter or the equivalent of a 1/2 carat round gemstone in the RED and BLACK gems. In the WHITE gems you're looking at 6.5 millimeter or the equivalent of a 1.00 carat round gemstone.

I can set any millimeter of my gems in the precious metal you may want, upon your request.

In my photo below, the precious metal of my choice that I set my gems in is PLATINUM. I can have my gems set in STERLING SILVER, or even 14KT to 18KT WHITE GOLD or YELLOW GOLD,  and even PALLADIUM for you, upon your request.

Should you be interested in purchasing a pair of my earrings. I now use GOOGLE WALLETS to accept all of my online jewelry payments for me.

Contact me James The Jeweler by email at: jamesthejeweler@hotmail.com or by phone at (404) 447-5459.