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Monday, September 24, 2012

Set Your Solitaire Round Diamond In This Beautiful Diamond Halo Setting

Men if you're looking to get engaged and you want to build a special diamond engagement ring for that special woman in your life on specific budget, I want you to check out this beautiful "DIAMOND HALO" setting to set your solitaire diamond in.

Men with a setting such as this, your center stone does not have to be a genuine diamond if you're on a budget, but at least you're still giving that special woman genuine diamonds within the setting of the halo. You can also have a solitaire "MOISSANITE" or even a "GENUINE DIAMOND COATED CZ STONE" as well as a "HIGH QUALITY CZ STONE" set into this diamond halo setting, based upon what carat of center stone you want to purchase for it.

This "DIAMOND HALO" setting is made in 14kt white gold, and it comes in different carat weights based upon the center stone carat weight you want to have set into it. The quality of the diamonds that are used to complete this setting is "G-H color, SI-1 TO SI-2 clarity."  I have this diamond setting in stock for  your diamond if you have a .25ct, .50ct, .75ct, 1.00ct, 1.50ct, or even a 2.00ct solitaire round diamond.

My prices are below for each setting based upon the carat weight of your solitaire round diamond, and the prices you see listed below "ARE FOR THE DIAMOND HALO SETTING ALONE" not for the ring, nor diamond center stone.

Cost for a .25ct solitaire round diamond: $440.00
Cost for a .50ct solitaire round diamond: $465.00
Cost for a .75ct solitaire round diamond: $497.00
Cost for a 1.00ct solitaire round diamond: $515.00
Cost for a 1.50ct solitaire round diamond: $555.00
Cost for a 2.00ct solitaire round diamond: $640.00

Below are the photos of the "DIAMOND HALO" setting alone, then set with a diamond center stone, then a photo of the diamond setting with the center stone, soldered to a cathedral style 14kt white gold ring to make it a complete diamond engagement ring.

I do use and accept PAYPAL for all of my online payments of my jewelry, gemstones, and settings. Should you like to purchase either of these diamond settings. Just log into your PAYPAL account then click onto the "SEND MONEY" tab to send me your  payment, and in your "SUBJECT" line let me know what setting your payment is for. My email address to to use to send your payment to me is: jamesthejeweler@yahoo.com

Should you want to contact me "James The Jeweler" directly by phone you can at 404-447-5459.