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Monday, January 5, 2015

Everyone Moissanite Now Comes In The Emerald Cut And I Sell It

Everyone moissanite now comes in the EMERALD CUT as well and I sell it! So men if you'd like to give that special woman in your life a large emerald cut diamond, but you don't have the budget for one. I strongly suggest you give moissanite a look as a very good substitute.

I sell this shape in both the CLASSIC QUALITY as well as the new much whiter FOREVER BRILLIANT QUALITY. From the diamond equivalents of a .11 carat, .27 carat, .50 carat, .98 carat, 1.55 carat, 2.23 carat, 3.17 carat, 4.36 carat, and a 6.04 carat total weight.

When you order an EMERALD CUT moissanite jewel from me the carat weights above are what I sell it in only. Upon your order or inquiry let me know if you'd like to purchase the CLASSIC QUALITY or the new FOREVER BRILLIANT QUALITY moissanite jewel.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: I will reserve my prices for my EMERALD CUT moissanite jewels until you contact me to inquire about the carat weight you'd like to purchase from me.

You can contact me James The Jeweler by email at: jamesthejeweler@yahoo.com or by phone at 404-447-5459.