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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Hello everyone if you've never seen an "HPHT" or "HIGH PRESSURE HIGH TEMPERATURE" treated diamond here's one in a FANCY YELLOW color for you to see!

Everyone an "HPHT" fancy colored diamond is a diamond that has been HEATED TO A PERMANENT COLOR RANGE that will not fade over time. "HPHT" fancy colored diamonds cost more than IRRADIATED DIAMONDS due to the fact that IRRADIATED DIAMONDS will lose their color if they're exposed to a jewelers direct heat from a blow torch, but an "HPHT" diamond can handle the heat for sure because it's color is PERMANENT.

"HPHT" fancy colored diamonds are NOT irradiated, fracture filled, or color coated. PLEASE BE ADVISED that "HPHT" treated fancy colored diamonds SHOULD NEVER cost more than NATURAL COLORED DIAMONDS.

I now sell these diamonds from 1/2ct to 1.50ct and in VS CLARITY only.

My method of payment for any of my "HPHT" fancy yellow diamonds is: "CERTIFIED" CASHIER'S CHECKS or bank wire transfers.

You may also put any carat weight of my diamonds on my "ONLINE LAY-AWAY PAYMENT PLAN" with a small deposit, then from there you can specify how you'd like to make your payments. You can make weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payments on the diamond you'd like to own. Let me also inform you that if you put my diamonds on lay-away you must make a payment by the date specified or you will LOSE THE DIAMOND DUE TO NON PAYMENT. I DON'T charge LATE FEES and if you can't make a payment, you need to inform me 2 days before your payment is due, then i will work with you but don't wait til your due date then inform me you can't make your payment, because then you'll be VIOLATING YOUR PAYMENT AGREEMENT WITH ME.

Let me know what carat weight of "HPHT" round diamond you're interested in purchasing from a 1/2ct up to 1.50cts then i'll give you my price for it. You may feel free to leave a comment here, or you can call me directly at 404-447-5459 James The Jeweler.

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