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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Affordable "PLATINUM" Engagement Ring Of The Moment

Men if you're on a "BUDGET" but you would like for that special woman to wear the "BEST OF THE BEST" in precious metals which is "PLATINUM" then look no further than this engagement ring i've posted below.

What you're looking at is the the top of the line in high quality cubic zirconia which is a "GENUINE DIAMOND COATED CZ" stone and the one you see set into this Platinum setting is the look of a 1.00 carat round diamond. I do have this cubic zirconia in a 1.50 carat, 2.00 carat, all the way up to a 4.00 carat size upon your inquiry.

This beautiful ring is for those of you men who may be on a "BUDGET" but you'd still like to give that special  woman in your life, a high-end ring of promise and your commitment to her, regardless of the fact you may not be able to give her a super expensive engagement ring right now.

Should you be interested in purchasing one of these engagement rings of high quality, I do offer my own "NO FEE-LAY-AWAY PLAN" to make it even easier for you to own this ring. With a deposit from you of $150.00 you can put one of my engagement rings on lay-away with me. Then you can make either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payments on it that fits your budget until you've paid for it.

The cost of my "Platinum & Genuine Diamond Coated CZ Engagement Ring" is: $775.00

For those of you who'd like to purchase this engagement ring without putting it on lay-away with me you can do so below:

PURCHASE THIS ENGAGEMENT RING HERE: http://www.addoway.com/viewad/Platinum-Engagement-Ring-Set-With-A-100-Carat-Genuine-Diamond-Coated-CZ-Stone-2629924

Should you be  interested in putting this ring on lay-away with me, feel free to contact me "James The Jeweler" by email at: jamesthejeweler@yahoo.com or by phone at 404-447-5459.

My Diamond Engagement Ring Set Of The Day

Men if you're looking to get engaged and you're looking for a unique and beautiful diamond engagement ring set. Then check out this one I have posted here for everyone to see.

This ring is made in 14kt white gold and it has a total carat weight of 1.46 carats of round, and channel set baguette diamonds. The center stone is .71 carats and the diamonds on the bands total .75 carats total weight. The diamonds in this ring are very white and have very good clarity, there are no cloudy diamonds set into this diamond engagement ring set.

My cost for this 1.46 carat total weight diamond engagement ring set is $4300.00

Should you be interested in purchasing this diamond engagement ring set, you can also put it on my "NO FEE LAY-AWAY PLAN" with a $500.00 deposit. Then you can make either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payments on it that fits your budget until you've paid for it.

I use and accept PAYPAL to collect all of my online payments for my jewelry and gemstones. So if you'd like to purchase this diamond engagement ring from me, feel free to log into your PAYPAL account, then click onto the "SEND MONEY" tab then use my PAYPAL email address: jamesthejeweler@yahoo.com to send your payment or deposit to me. In the "SUBJECT" line put "Payment For 1.46ct Diamond Engagement Ring Set."


Should you want to contact me "James The Jeweler" by phone you can at 404-447-5459.