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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Give That Diamond Engagement Ring Light With This LED Lighted Ring Box

Men when you really want to shine, do it also with the style of ring box you present to that special woman in your life.

This LED lighted ring box has a blue LED light, a matte black leatherette exterior, a black suede interior, and a 2 piece matte black packer.

I also have this LED lighted box for either a pair of earrings and even a pendant, so if you'd like to purchase this box for your earrings or pendant, just let me know.

I will be using this beautiful LED lighted ring box to present my clients with, when I give them the diamond engagement rings i've either designed and had made for them or have ordered for them.

The cost of this LED lighted ring box is $30.00 "not including the shipping fee" and I do accept PAYPAL should you like to purchase this ring box from me.

Should you like to contact me "James The Jeweler" by email you can at: jamesthejeweler@yahoo.com or by phone at 404-447-5459.

I also have this LED lighted ring box above with a white interior as you see in the photos of it below.

The dimensions of this LED lighted ring box is 2-3/4" in length X 2-3/4" in width X 2-1/2" in height.

Should you want a different style of LED lighted ring box I have it for you below with a very durable "CLIP" in the center of the lighted box, to hold your diamond engagement ring. When you look at my 2 photos of it below you'll see the "CLIP" in the center of the box where your diamond engagement ring will go. Then you see 2 photos of it with a ring inside, to show you what your ring will look like inside of it. This unique lighted ring box gives the illusion of your ring being suspended in mid-air inside of the lighted ring box.

I also have the "LED Lighted Earring Box" if you'd like to put the spotlight on a pair of diamond stud earrings you may have. The cost of the "LED Lighted Earring Box" you see below is $30.00 "not including the shipping fee." If you'd like to purchase one, feel free to contact me.

The dimensions of this LED lighted earring box is 2-3/4" in length X 2-3/4" in width X 2-1/2" in height.

In closing everyone I also carry this LED lighted jewelry box for your diamond pendants or any other pendants you may want to shine the LED spotlight on. The cost for the LED lighted pendant box is the same as the others here "not including the shipping fee." Should you be interested in purchasing an LED lighted box for your pendant just contact me to let me know.


  1. Dear James the Jeweler,
    I want to thank you for your prompt delivery of the LED Lighted Earring Box. It is exquisite. The velvet truly sets off the diamond earrings my organization is raffling. When I show people the diamonds, they ask "Do I get to keep the box too?" LOL. Our tickets are practically selling themselves; I flip open your innovative LED Lighted case and everyone gasps. Thanks again for making our fundraising a whole lot easier.

  2. You're so very welcomed Monique, and I appreciate you, as well as your business!

  3. This box worked great for displaying a colored stone that I received as a gift. James checked it out before I bought and said it would work. Once I bought, it got here quick and works perfect. Thanks James!!!

    1. Thank you very much for your comment here Rob! I am glad you like my LED LIGHTED RING BOX!