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Friday, September 5, 2014

I Would Love To Personally Thank The Cincinnati Bengals For Re-Signing Devon Still To Your Team!

Though my blog is all about JEWELRY I sometimes post on other topics of my interest. And this news is no different for me to post my sincere THANKS TO THE CINCINNATI BENGALS for re-signing Devon Still to your team!

It really makes me appreciate some NFL OWNERS and their teams when they can look pass their players. To see that their players have real life issues that they're facing, that may keep them from being at their best for their team.

Devon Still has a beautiful 4 year old daughter Leah who's fighting stage 4 cancer that he loves very much! I want to wish Devon Still and his beautiful daughter Leah the best, as she gets better.

To follow Devon Still on twitter: https://twitter.com/Dev_Still71

To follow Devon Still on Instagram:  http://instagram.com/man_of_still75