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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Now You Can Wear Much "Whiter" Moissanite Jewels That Are Forever Brilliant

Everyone if you love diamond simulants such as "MOISSANITE" but you're afraid that it's not going to be white enough to pass the diamond color test when you see it in person. Well now this problem has been solved, and you can now purchase "WHITER MOISSANITE" that has been treated with the "HPHT" permanent process.

I now sell the higher color "MOSSANITE" jewels loose from a .50 carat round up to a 6.00 carat round. This new and advanced "MOISSANITE" is up to 4 grades whiter than the traditional jewels you've seen on the market today. The much whiter jewels cost a little more than the traditional jewels you've seen sold on the market, but when you want "THE BEST OF THE BEST" you must pay the cost to own this quality as well.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: The "HPHT" Process That Has Been Applied To Improve The Color Of The Moissanite Jewels I'm Selling Is "PERMANENT."

The new and improved color and clarity of the "MOISSANITE" jewels i'm currently selling is "H - I color, VS1 clarity" and this quality has been "CERTIFIED."

I've posted my own prices for the much whiter color "MOISSANITE" jewels that i'm now selling at my jewelry web store link below, so if you're interested in purchasing one of them feel free to contact me "James The Jeweler" by email at: jamesthejeweler@yahoo.com or by phone at 404-447-5459 or you can visit my jewelry web store link below to make your purchase.

I am currently selling only the "ROUND" Moissanite jewels from .50 carat up to a 6.00 carat, but if you'd like another shape and carat weight, just let me know.

If you're interested in a "FOREVER BRILLIANT MOISSANITE" and genuine diamond engagement ring. I can create one for you based upon your budget, and your specifications. Just contact me to let me know, and please make sure you know your ring finger size as well.



Here's a photo of a 5 carat round "FOREVER BRILLIANT" round Moissanite jewel in the center surrounded by genuine G-color white diamonds set in a "HALO" design 14kt white gold ring

Here's a photo of a 2.00 carat round FOREVER MOISSANITE JEWEL above!

In the video below you will see a 1.25 carat FOREVER BRILLIANT ROUND MOISSANITE center stone set in a very nice 14kt white gold diamond halo engagement ring setting. I think this video below says it all when it comes to how BEAUTIFUL the FOREVER BRILLIANT MOISSANITE JEWEL really is when it is paired with REAL DIAMONDS.

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