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Thursday, March 28, 2019

I'm Now Creating Diamond Quality Cubic Zirconia Center Stone And Genuine Diamond Engagement Rings

Men if you'd like to give that special woman in your life, a very nice diamond engagement ring, but you can't afford a high quality diamond center stone.  I want you to know that now, you can still give that special woman that same diamond engagement ring, but the diamond center stone will be a "DIAMOND QUALITY" cubic zirconia instead!

When I make the statement "DIAMOND QUALITY" i'm referring to the fact that all of my high quality cubic zirconia center stones, are "D-COLOR, AND IDEAL CUT" to give you all of the sparkle a natural diamond would.  

All of my high quality cubic zirconia center stones, will NEVER cloud up nor fade over time.  When you look at your high quality cubic zirconia center stone, you will truly have the look of the best diamond simulant in a high quality cubic zirconia!

Your engagement ring will be set with "GENUINE" high quality diamonds, set in either 14kt white gold or 14kt yellow gold, 18kt white gold or 18kt yellow gold, palladium, or platinum!

I can have your "GENUINE" diamond engagement ring set with any shape, and carat weight of high quality cubic zirconia you may be interested in purchasing!

I have many styles of "GENUINE" diamond engagement rings, to set your "DIAMOND QUALITY" cubic zirconia center stone in! Just let me know what your budget may be for a very nice diamond engagement ring, along with the finger size of diamond engagement ring you want, then I will take it from there!

Should you be interested in purchasing a "DIAMOND QUALITY" cubic zirconia center stone, and "GENUINE" diamond engagement ring from me.  I use Google Pay, DUE, Pop Money, and Square, to accept all of my online jewelry payments for me.

Contact me James The Jeweler by email at: jamesthejeweler@hotmail.com or by phone at (404) 447-5459.

Below you're looking at a 14kt white gold 1.59 carat total weight oval shape "D-COLOR, DIAMOND QUALITY" cubic zirconia and "GENUINE DIAMOND" engagement ring! 

The "DIAMOND QUALITY" cubic zirconia oval shape center stone, will give you the look of a 1.00 carat oval shape diamond.  Surrounded by .59 carats total weight of "GENUINE" round diamonds!

I will not be posting any prices of my diamond engagement ring here.  Due to the fact that I want everyone to set your own budgets for the diamond engagement rings you want!