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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Men If You're Looking To Give That Special Woman In Your Life A Marquise Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring Check With Me

Men if you're looking to give that special woman in your life a MARQUISE DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RING I want you to check with me!

I have many loose MARQUISE DIAMONDS of very high quality that I feel would be perfect for that special woman in your life. PLEASE BE ADVISED that I sell "FOREVER BRILLIANT" MARQUISE SHAPE MOISSANITE. For those of you who may not have the budget for a large MARQUISE DIAMOND.

Should you be interested in purchasing either a loose marquise diamond from me, or even a complete solitaire marquise diamond engagement ring. I use PAYPAL to accept all of my online jewelry and gemstone payments for me.

Contact me James The Jeweler by email at: jamesthejeweler@yahoo.com or by phone at 404-447-5459.

I will need to know your BUDGET for the loose marquise diamond you want. The COLOR, CLARITY, and CARAT WEIGHT of marquise diamond you're interested in purchasing from me. Then I will locate that special loose marquise diamond for you, based upon your budget.

Should you want an engagement ring, I will need to know if you want 14kt to 18kt white or yellow gold, PALLADIUM or PLATINUM you'd like for your solitaire marquise diamond to be set in. I will need to know the RING FINGER SIZE of the engagement ring you'd like to purchase as well.

I can even have a 14kt to 18kt rose gold marquise diamond engagement ring made for you, upon your request for it.

Below you're looking at a 1.00 carat loose marquise diamond, that is H color, VS1 clarity. This marquise diamond has an EXCELLENT CUT and POLISH. With VERY GOOD SYMMETRY. This diamond has NO FLUORESCENCE.

Your cost for this 1.00 carat loose marquise diamond is: $5525.00